An exchange of cultural ideas, Gulf News

A show distills learnings and experiences of artists from Dubai and Kobe in a collaborative exchange programme

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Gulf News Weekend Review Tashkeel

Portrait Sessions, The National

Artist Vikram Divecha puts new spin on phrase 'time is money'

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The National Online Time Is Money 2 Oct

Meet the stars of Made in Tashkeel 2016, Vision

From pastoral prints to dry-point engravings and watercolours worthy of old masters, book this eclectic art exhibition into your design summer diary.

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Vision Made In Tashkeel July


Emirati photographer Afra Bin Dhaher creates romantic worlds to wander without leaving home.

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Past Present, Archiectural Digest Middle Eas

Four designers contextualise their debut pieces for Design Days Dubai in UAE culture

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Architectural Digest Me Past Present March April

Coral Story: Jeweller Zuleika Penniman links up with Dubai's past, Wallpaper

Zuleika Penniman is foremost a jeweller, so it's no wonder that background research for her residency with the Tanween Programme in Dubai would take on the shape of a necklace.

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Wallpaper Coral Story 25 March

Mysteries of the mind

In her exhibition Hymns to a Sleeper, Emirati artists Afra Bin Dhaher combines dreamlike photos of everyday objects and mysterious women with poetic captions that lead the viewer on a journey into the...

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The National Arst Life Mysteries 22 Feb 1

أربعة متأهلين لجائزة الفنان الناشئ في المنطقة

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The National Online Natural Design 26 Jan

Deconstruction of objects focus of exhibitions at Tashkeel

Tashkeel hosted two back to back exhibitions celebrating art from international collaborations in the month of October.

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«تشكيل» يعلن أسماء المصممين المقيمين في الإمارات المشاركين في «برنامج التصميم 2015-2016»

«تشكيل» يعلن أسماء المصممين المقيمين في الإمارات المشاركين في«برنامج التصميم 2015-2016»

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عودة بالنظر لبرنامج التصميم ٢٠١٤ - ٢٠١٥

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