Youth x Hub: World Building and the Creatures Who Live Within

Ended - Saturday 28 April 2018

Jalal Luqman


Date: 28 April 2018
Time: 10 AM - 1 PM

Age Limit:

Ages 15 to 35 years


10 spaces left


Youth Hub x, Emirates Towers, Dubai

This workshop is free of cost.

Registration Deadline:

28 April 2018

Are you a young writer, illustrator, artist, creature concept artist, game developer or movie maker? Explore how to create realistic worlds and the creatures and inhabitants within them with Jalal Luqman, author of the amazing new fantasy novel ‘The Armagondas’. Learn how to take an idea from imagination to realisation with lots of top tips on building characters and places with realistic back stories and histories.

Image courtesy of Jalal Luqman. (c) Jalal Luqman

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