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17 February 2021

Garden with Vikram Divecha

Vikram Divecha

‘Garden’ is a workshop that will take place in the quiet neighborhood of Nad al Sheba with artist Vikram Divecha. Together with the instructor, the participants will explore Tashkeel’s garden through ...

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Garden 23

2 March 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Creature Combinations

What happens when you draw without an expected outcome? This workshop will explore the depths of imagination using basic drawing and bookbinding activities to create a fantastic creature generator!

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Creature Combinations

9 March 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Splatter Drawings

For the last Afterschool Arts Club workshop, the participants will be encouraged to let go and use paint, paper and dry drawing tools to create figurative work.

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13 March 2021

On Frescoes: Learning and Expanding

Chafa Ghaddar

A unique course with artist Chafa Ghaddar exploring the world of fresco and the technical, historical and conceptual undertakings that the medium offers. This three-part course will include a historic...

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Untitled 1

13 March 2021

Hand Building with Clay

Amani Eltigani Badur

Join this introductory hands-on pottery workshop with Amani Eltigani Badur, the founder of Amani Ceramics Pottery & Art studio, who will guide participants in making functional pottery and decorative ...

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Untitled 4

28 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021

Zahra Jewenjee, Azim Al Ghussein, Rania Naccour, Muna Al Marashi, Khalid Mezaina

Resuming our classic camp format, Tashkeel will be welcoming young people aged 8-12 for in-person workshops at Tashkeel Nad Al Sheba. Participants will engage in various art activities covering stampi...

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28 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Animal Drawings

Rania Naccour

Learn how to make realistic drawings of animals in this workshop with artist Rania Naccour!

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29 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Self Portrait

Zahra Jewenjee

Drop the selfies and try painting a self-portrait in this workshop with artist Zahra Jewanjee!

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30 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Building Houses

Azim Al Ghussein

Build your own miniature house with Azim Al Ghussein!

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30 March 2021

Live Q&A on Talk: Material Innovation - PlyPalm

Lina Ghalib

Watch the talk online at your leisure from 23 March on our YouTube and IGTV channels, then join Tanween alumni Lina Ghalib for this live Q&A session where you raise the questions on the unique materia...

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31 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Making Books

Have you ever heard of an origami book? This workshop by artist Muna Al Marashi will guide participants through the steps of making a beautiful origami book with square pieces of paper.

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1 April 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Stamping Rugs

Create your own printed rug in this Stamping Rugs workshop with artist Khalid Mezaina!

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