Movement in Photography

Ended - Friday 22 December 2017

Kim Robertson


Date: 22 December
Time: 2 - 6 PM


15 spaces left


Dubai Design District (d3)

This workshop is free of cost.

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22 December 2017

What is the effect of black and white on place? A moment in time, colour shows that it is alive present, vibrant. How can we create a deeper sense of the vibrancy of a place through motion? Considering space and place we will begin the session looking at text and images of architectural spaces and places and discuss the values found in these. Students will then be given time to explore the location with their phones and/or cameras taking into consideration what we have discussed and aim to document the places and spaces they encounter.

At the end of the session we will print the images and discuss as a group how we have interacted and understood our environment through these images.

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