Past Workshops

15 December 2022

Moving Threads

Paola Anziché

This collective textile workshop with Paola Anziché explores manual dexterity, the spirit of cooperation and the element of discovery. The session provides a knowledge base around weaving without a lo...

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20 November 2022

Sunday Funday: Photomap Exploration

Diego Mendoza

Embark on a photography adventure in the Tashkeel garden armed with your creativity and cameras! The young explorers will discover the different parts of our garden, recording their findings and using...

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13 November 2022

Dubai Design Week 2022: Zip Line Challenge

Diego Mendoza

This design challenge will get participants in full design spirits during Dubai Design Week. The young designers will sketch, prototype and build a zipline that has to transport a ping pong ball from ...

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Zipline DDW

6 November 2022

Sunday Funday: Slime Extravaganza

Diego Mendoza

The participating children will engage in a slimy session where they will learn two different recipes for making slime. The first one will allow them to create a slimy surface for drawings where the p...

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30 October 2022

Sunday Funday: Clay Pictionary

Diego Mendoza

Ever played pictionary with clay? This workshop will engage the participanting families in a game of pictionary, but with a twist! The workshop will push the boundaries of what 'drawing in 3D' can be ...

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11 September 2022

Sunday Funday: Origamipalooza

Diego Mendoza

Fold, crease, fold! Learn origami making skills by jumping into different origami exercises that go from simple to more complicated.

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4 September 2022

Sunday Funday: Carpet Making

Diego Mendoza

Join us in making your own carpet as a family! Using the basic principles of weaving, the participants will use a mini-loom to create a mini-carpet.

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13 March 2022

Young Creatives Club: Surrealist Games

Diego Mendoza

What is Surrealism? How do you create artwork with unexpected outcomes? This workshop is a fun opportunity for young artists to learn about the wonderful world of Surrealism (practised by artists like...

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6 March 2022

Le Salon de CharLes 'RESILIENCE' by Adel A. Dajani


Adel A. Dajani will talk about his book "From Jerusalem to a Kingdom by the Sea", in which he tries "to humanize the political events that have affected so many Arabs", including his Palestinian famil...

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24 February 2022

Intellectual Property Management Using Blockchain

Wakim Zeidan

Learn how to manage, own and protect your intellectual property from the moment you come up with an idea and throughout.

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8 November 2021

Tashkeel Lecture: How can invasive species be used to create luxurious materials while improving our local biodiversity?

Irene Roca Moracia

Join this Tashkeel Lecture with Irene Roca Moracia, an architect and design researcher who has worked for firms like Dominique Perrault and LVMH. Irene will be discussing her Maison/0 graduate project...

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13 March 2021

On Frescoes: Learning and Expanding

Chafa Ghaddar

A unique course with artist Chafa Ghaddar exploring the world of fresco and the technical, historical and conceptual undertakings that the medium offers. This three-part course will include a historic...

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