Past Workshops

27 January 2024

Drop-in and Draw (Al Quoz Arts Fest)

Bassem Boules

About Our Drop-in Workshops Our drop-in workshops provide the perfect opportunity to engage with fellow participants, exchange experiences and techniques, and take your abilities to the next level. O...

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Drawing 1012 100

14 January 2024

Sunday Funday: Surrealist Games

Bassem Boules

This workshop is a fun opportunity for families to discover together the wonderful world of Surrealism (practiced by artists like Salvador Dalì and Frida Kahlo) using the creative games invented and u...

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13 December 2023

Winter Camp (8-11 years): Watercolour Tank

Bassem Boules

In this workshop, children will embark on a colorful journey, experimenting with different watercolor techniques. They'll create a stunning series of fish, exploring wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet applicat...

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10 December 2023

Winter Camp (8-11 years): Painting a Garden

Chafa Ghaddar

In this hands-on experience, children will explore the world of painting. They will dive into the spectrum of blues, uncovering the secrets of color mixing.

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1 October 2023

Sunday Funday: Drawing with Words

Bassem Boules

Using a combination of pencils, colored pencils, and ballpoint pens, participants will dive into the world of drawing using letters and words as marks. Through mindful pressure application, they'll le...

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Drawing words2

24 September 2023

Sunday Funday: Happy Accident Painting

Diego Mendoza

Get ready for an interactive journey that will put your creativity and critical thinking to the test! This workshop is tailor-made for young minds aged 7 to 12, offering a series of captivating painti...

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17 September 2023

Sunday Funday: Beauty of the Beach

Bassem Boules

During this session, the little creatives will closely study and sketch beachside treasures, both real-life objects and snapshots. Led by artist Bassem Boules, this workshop is designed to nurture you...

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Beach beauty3

25 July 2023

Summer Camp 2023 (7-11 years): Expressive Hands

Victor Sitali

Join us for an exciting session led by Tashkeel member and fine artist, Victor Sitali. In this engaging workshop, children will embark on a creative exploration of the expressive power of our hands.

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Expressive hand2

4 June 2023

Sunday Funday: Collaged Fruits

Bassem Boules

Cut, paste, paint, repeat! Join artist Bassem Boules in a captivating painting and drawing workshop that explores the world of color, texture, and value. Using a variety of fruits as inspiration, youn...

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Collaged f2

21 May 2023

Sunday Funday: Camouflage Drawing Challenge

Bassem Boules

Get ready for a fun and engaging activity that will challenge your creativity and critical thinking skills! In this workshop, young participants will be presented with a series of papers that contain ...

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Camouflage 3

5 February 2023

Sunday Funday: Mosaic Landscapes

Diego Mendoza

Engage in a discussion about the history of mosaics and explore significant regional examples of this ancient artistic technique with Diego Mendoza. During this workshop, the young artists will get to...

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22 January 2023

Tashkeel Young Artist Programme: Of Light and Lines

Bassem Boules

Play, experiment and try different drawing tools in this introductory drawing session with Bassem Boules. The young artists will be walked through a series of exercises that will help them expand thei...

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