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28 May 2023

Sunday Funday: Carpet Making

Diego Mendoza

Looking for a fun and creative activity to do as a family? Join us in this hands-on workshop where you'll learn the basics of weaving and create your own mini-carpet using a mini-loom

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21 May 2023

Sunday Funday: Camouflage Drawing Challenge

Bassem Boules

Get ready for a fun and engaging activity that will challenge your creativity and critical thinking skills! In this workshop, young participants will be presented with a series of papers that contain ...

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14 May 2023

Sunday Funday: Mythical Creature Stamps

Diego Mendoza

Are you ready to explore the world of mythical creatures and let your imagination run wild? This workshop offers a fun and creative opportunity for children to learn about various mythical creatures a...

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7 May 2023

Sunday Funday: Illustrating Nature

Bassem Boules

Are you looking for a fun and creative activity for your children that will also enhance their observation and drawing skills? This workshop is the perfect opportunity for children to explore the beau...

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26 February 2023

Sikka 2023: Sunday Funday- Collaborative Posters

Diego Mendoza

This workshop calls families to deepen their understanding of each other as they engage together in a series of drawing and painting exercises! During the workshop, participants will be encouraged to ...

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19 February 2023

Sunday Funday: Ink Collage

Diego Mendoza

Ink, rearrange, rinse, repeat! The young participants will cut shapes out of foam and recycled cardboard and use them to create beautiful monoprints. Using ink, participants will fill the shapes with ...

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5 February 2023

Sunday Funday: Mosaic Landscapes

Diego Mendoza

Engage in a discussion about the history of mosaics and explore significant regional examples of this ancient artistic technique with Diego Mendoza. During this workshop, the young artists will get to...

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29 January 2023

Sunday Funday: Shadow Puppet Play

Diego Mendoza

This workshop for families is aimed to give them the opportunity to work collaboratively as they unlock their collective imagination and they create a shadow puppet skit from scratch. The participatin...

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Shadow play2

22 January 2023

Tashkeel Young Artist Programme: Of Light and Lines

Bassem Boules

Play, experiment and try different drawing tools in this introductory drawing session with Bassem Boules. The young artists will be walked through a series of exercises that will help them expand thei...

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22 January 2023

Sunday Funday: Eraser Block Printing

Diego Mendoza

Participants will be introduced to block printing with the same techniques used by professional textile printers. By using erasers as blocks, the young artists will be able to create beautiful pattern...

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15 December 2022

Winter Camp (12-16 years): Digital Me

James Razko

In this workshop, participants will be walked through the process of creating an abstract-ish and symbolic mixed-media digital “portrait” of themselves. The workshop will focus on process, design, and...

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14 December 2022

Winter Camp (12-16 years): The Magic of Pigments

Chafa Ghaddar

How do we turn pigments into paint? Learn all about the colourful world of pigments and their relation to earth, stones, plants and food, with an introduction to the history of pigment trade and chemi...

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