Past Workshops

15 December 2022

Winter Camp (12-16 years): Digital Me

James Razko

In this workshop, participants will be walked through the process of creating an abstract-ish and symbolic mixed-media digital “portrait” of themselves. The workshop will focus on process, design, and...

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14 December 2022

Winter Camp (12-16 years): The Magic of Pigments

Chafa Ghaddar

How do we turn pigments into paint? Learn all about the colourful world of pigments and their relation to earth, stones, plants and food, with an introduction to the history of pigment trade and chemi...

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13 December 2022

Winter Camp (12-16 years): Pin-hole Photography

Diego Mendoza

Build your own pinhole camera from start to finish. Once you’ve taken photos, delve into the Tashkeel darkroom to develop your shots.

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12 December 2022

Winter Camp (12 - 16 years): Plein Air Painting

Alonsa Guevara

This workshop invites students of all levels to join us in a fun, outdoor painting class. Students will learn different acrylic painting techniques while enjoying the beauty of the Tashkeel garden.

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11 December 2022

Winter Camp (12 - 16 years): Mixtape Textiles

Khalid Mezaina

This workshop will be an opportunity for young artists to explore how can music be translated into visual work. By exploring visual rhythm through quality of line and repetition, participants will eng...

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26 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Paper Sculptures

Diego Mendoza

Participants will explore on how to create architectural structures using paper. In addition, they will be encouraged to experiment with cut-outs and colour as they increase the complexity of their pa...

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12 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Painting with Bubbles

Diego Mendoza

Using a combination of soap and paint, the young artists will experiment on how to create interesting colourful surfaces with bubbles. Then, they will enrich their bubble paintings using different med...

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5 June 2022

Sunday Funday: Tesselation

Diego Mendoza

A tesselation is a pattern of flat shapes covering a surface without overlaps or gaps. Participants will explore regular and semi-regular tesselations and devise different and simple ways in which the...

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29 May 2022

Sunday Funday: Mirror Maze Design Challenge

Diego Mendoza

Participants will understand how light travels and reflects. Using this knowledge, they will design a path of mirrors with the objective of guiding a light beam through a maze to illuminate an object.

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22 May 2022

Sunday Funday: Plushy Design Challenge

Diego Mendoza

Our young sewers will learn how to bring their favorite characters to life as they learn basic sewing skills. Using felt, thread and needle, they will play with colour, texture and form, stuffing thei...

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15 May 2022

Sunday Funday: Marble Run Design Challenge

Diego Mendoza

How far can a marble travel?

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