Past Workshops

16 November 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Chromatography Drawings

Diego Mendoza

In the spirit of World Science Day, participants will put on their lab coats to explore the connections between Art and Science. The young artists will explore the composition of water-based pigments ...

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Untitled 3

18 October 2021

Commercial Illustration

Nora Zeid

Join Nora Zeid in this workshop on illustrating for commercial projects. Nora will explore the basics of creating designs for clients: from when the client contacts the designer to when the work is de...

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Commercial Illustration 3

2 October 2021

Drop in & Draw: Drawing Daily

Nora Zeid

Drop in and Draw is an on-going monthly session that promotes drawing as a thinking process. Participants are encouraged to share their sketchbook pages with each other and explore various drawing app...

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Drawing Daily 2 1500x750

25 September 2021

Digital Illustration

Nora Zeid

Join this digital illustration workshop led by artist Nora Zeid, who will go over the basics of digital illustration: from layout and rough sketching to creating line art and adding colour. Participan...

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27 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): The Art of Doodling

Did you say fun and interactive? This is the perfect workshop for those looking to explore the fun art of doodling and painting to create unique doodle posters while gaining knowledge and understandin...

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The Art of Doodling 1

11 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Still-life Mixed Media

Rania Naccour

Explore the magic of still-life drawing and mixed media! In this workshop with artist Rania Naccour, children will be guided step by step throughout the process drawing a still life from a real model....

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Still life Mixed Media

1 April 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Stamping Rugs

Create your own printed rug in this Stamping Rugs workshop with artist Khalid Mezaina!

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29 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Self Portrait

Zahra Jewenjee

Drop the selfies and try painting a self-portrait in this workshop with artist Zahra Jewanjee!

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28 March 2021

Spring Camp 2021: Animal Drawings

Rania Naccour

Learn how to make realistic drawings of animals in this workshop with artist Rania Naccour!

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21 March 2021

Observational Drawing for Adults

Rania Naccour

Back by popular demand! Join this free 3-hour drawing workshop at d3 with artist Rania Naccour and explore the indepth use of our senses while drawing. Participants will sketch different objects, sepa...

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Observational Drawings 2

20 March 2021

Comic & Sequential Drawing

Mohammed Al Shaibani

Build the basic skills you need to be a cartoonist in this free 3-hour workshop with Emirati artist Mohammad Alshaibani.

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Travelogue Drop in Draw 2

9 March 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Splatter Drawings

For the last Afterschool Arts Club workshop, the participants will be encouraged to let go and use paint, paper and dry drawing tools to create figurative work.

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