Past Workshops

30 November 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Shibori Dyeing

Diego Mendoza

Discover and experiment with a dyeing technique known as the 'traditional Japanese tie-dye'.

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23 November 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Paper Looms

Diego Mendoza

Looking closely at traditional textiles from the UAE, our young artists will learn how to create different woven patterns.

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17 October 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Paper Maché Party! (Sustainability Week Edition)

Diego Mendoza

As part of our Sustainability Week, this Afterschool Arts Club workshop will introduce our young artists to the vast and colourful world of paper maché.

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13 October 2021

Precious Plastics

Hernán Torres

The workshop will explore how specialised machines can be utilised to create useful products out of waste. Through live demonstrations and hands-on exercises, participants will learn about how this pr...

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12 October 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Origamipalooza

Diego Mendoza

Learn origami-making skills by delving into different origami exercises that go from simple to more complicated.

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5 October 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Artist Birthday Party

Diego Mendoza

Participants will observe and learn about works of artists across the Arab world and craft gifts using recycled material based on the artists' personalities, likes and dislikes.

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21 September 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Clayscapes

Diego Mendoza

Using Tashkeel's solo exhibition by artist Nora Zeid as inspiration, participants will create three-dimensional illustrations of urban landscapes using flour clay.

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7 September 2021

Afterschool Arts Club: Emirati Woman Power

Diego Mendoza

Taking inspiration from Emirati women artists, the young artists will be making artwork on face masks to celebrate these women. Let's celebrate Emirati Woman Power to make them something to be worn wi...

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29 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Origami and Gift!

Muna Al Marashi

Want to give the gift of origami this Eid Al Adha? Learn the the ancient art of paper folding with instructor Muna Al Marashi. Although ancient, this art sneakily helps us in the modern day by improvi...

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Origami and Gift 2

25 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (8 - 11 years): Collage with Pattern

Azim Al Ghussein

Patterns speak! Did you know patterns and textures have meaning and create feelings? In this illustration workshop with Azim Al Ghussein, children draw inspiration from textures and patterns unique to...

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14 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Make Your Own Tile

Chafa Ghaddar

Invent your own unique tiles with a fresco master! This workshop with artist Chafa Ghaddar is a chance for children to learn to create artistic tiles while layering plaster by using fabric, stencils, ...

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13 July 2021

Summer Camp 2021 (12 - 16 years): Origami for a Celebration

Muna Al Marashi

Learn the game of folding! You might think it’s just paper folding but Origami improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills and mental concentration In this workshop, Muna Al Marashi will teach and ch...

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