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20 December 2018

Winter Camp 2018

John Marsland, Tamsin Wildy, Khalid Mezaina, Fatima J Atallah, Madeline Butcher

This month, Tashkeel will deliver workshops to introduce young artists to new and different levels of creating and making. Winter Camp 2018 will explore a range of workshops covering a variety of di...

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5 April 2018

Spring Camp 2018 (Week 2)

Tamsin Wildy, Salim Ahmed, Natalia Lasso, Ibraheem Khamayseh, Arsany Emil

Tashkeel’s annual Spring Camp 2018 will be offering even more challenging and creative workshops for young people this year. From Painting to 3D sculptures, young people will learn new skills; meet ne...

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1 April 2018

Spring Camp 2018: Monochrome Painting (Week 2)

Tamsin Wildy

What happens when you strip colour away. Imagine if we could only see one colour at a time and everything worked in tones? In this workshop, participants will make a painting using just one colour. Li...

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17 December 2016

Art Club

Fatima Al Helei, Tamsin Wildy

Tashkeel will be offering an art club for young people through out the year. Offering a wide range of activities that will give young people a chance to get involved with creative making processes and...

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30 May 2015

Art Club: Fashion and Photography

Tamsin Wildy

Participants will explore the world of fashion by creating paper garments.

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23 May 2015

Art Club: Mono-printing

Fatima Albudoor

Participants will learn how to mono-print using techniques such as colour mixing, creating backgrounds, hand drawing and creating textures to create wonderful one off pieces of work that are completel...

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9 May 2015

Art Club: Illustrating Super Heroes

Ruba Al Araji

Participants will explore their imaginations and develop ideas about what kind of superhero they could or would want to be.

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