Telling Stories: Arabic script and the Risograph

Ended - Wednesday 23 February 2022

Born in Riyadh City, Ibraheem is an Arab artist and calligrapher. He studied Graphic Design in Al Najah University, one of the leading Fine Arts universities in Palestine. He started his career working as a Graphic Designer in advertising agencies in Palestine. He then moved to the UAE in 2013 to pursue bigger challenges, joining Tashkeel in 2016. His passion for calligraphy was inherited from his father who is a renowned calligrapher. Ibrahim has mastered many notable Arabic fonts such as Al Wissam, Al Ruqa’a, Al Thuluth and many more. He is the Senior Graphic Designer at Tashkeel by day and an Arabic Calligrapher by night with many notable works in his portfolio.


Date: 23 February 2022
Time: 1 - 4pm


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Tashkeel Nad Al Sheba


AED 232.00 (+VAT)

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Arabic C Alligraphy Risograph

Enter the fantastic world of storytelling using Arabic scripts while experimenting with the Risograph printer. In this workshop, artist Ibraheem Khamayseh will share the stories of different Arabic scripts that have been created, developed over time and formed in outstanding beauty, expressing different civilisations. These scripts possess styles and types that embody the races and genders of the calligraphers themselves.

The workshop will also focus on the Kufic Square script. Participants will select letters and experiment with proportions and scales, then learn to connect these letters to create beautiful forms, volumes and variations that will be experimented with using the Risograph printer.

The Risograph section of the workshop will explore the makings of a 2-colour print. As a participant, you will learn how the risograph printer works, how colours are layered, and how to turn your calligraphic artwork into a 2-layer print. You will develop your calligraphic image by observing the colours and textures of the outside and inside of a letter and arranging a visual composition to allow experimentation with colour, line, and value.

The Riso machine is a 1980s high-volume printer that was used for commercial printing. It has slowly become a favorite for illustrators, photographers and artists around the world because of its unique range of colors, low cost, as well as multiple options and features.

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