Updates from A.i.R Dubai 2015

Objects at an Art Fair: Program of Four Interventions and On the Labor of Lovers - Rheim Alkadhi

Durational performances by Rheim Alkadhi, activated along roaming contact points in the corridors and halls of Art Dubai during which objects are offered to visitors. On the Labor of Lovers compromised s moist towelettes, cut, sewn and folded, and presented to guests as refreshment. The moist towelettes were made from the clothes of unknown inhabitants of the city. Synaesthetic Fragrance was a scent that had no smell, nothing but colour. In Supplication Activity, viewers were asked to to write their deepest desires on the back of any bill of sale, to be sealed in a metal locket by wax from a scented candle from Dubai Mall. Hairs of the Oppressed are giant eyelashes worn in a theatre of inverted scale.