Tashkeel welcomed designer FayMcCaul, designer-in-residence who undertook a three-month residency at Tashkeel in 2017. McCaul was invited as part of Tashkeel's commitment to facilitating multidisciplinary exchange and dialogue.

During her residency. McCaul developed her textile practice, exploring heat-bonding techniques and different lighting effects. McCaul also worked with members of Tashkeel and the wider community through workshops, and delivered several workshops throughout the course of her residency, including at the L'ECOLE Middle East Van Cleef and Arpels.

McCaul presented the culmination of her residency in 'In Residence', an exhibition with artist-in-residence Christine Müller. The exhibition featured McCaul's previous works as well as the newer works she produced in Tashkeel's studios.

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