Updates from Tanween Design Programme 2020

Meet the Designer - Nada Abu Shaqra

The chair is inspired by the UAE vernacular architecture and contextual materials, based on research into the dynamics of traditional forms and the space they create. What grabbed Nada’s attention th...

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Nada Abu Shaqra 400x300 1

Meet the Designer - Neda Salmanpour

The piece has been developed through analysis of existing design language embedded in the built environment and inherited objects around us. The geometry was inspired by the vernacular architecture of...

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Neda Salmanpour 400 x 300 1

Meet the Designer - Lina Ghalib

The Yereed bench cultivates and reclaims palm leaf branches that are shed seasonally in the UAE and turns this waste into a hardwood material structurally sound to create furniture.

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Lina Ghalib 400 x 300 1