Media Enquiries
For all media enquiries relating to Tashkeel programmes and publications as well as the Tashkeel Makerspace, Tashkeel Gallery and Tashkeel Nad Al Sheba, please contact Karam Hoar at [email protected] and your enquiry shall receive a swift response.

Visitors, members, students and academics can contact [email protected]

Image Requests
Press images can be shared via a link upon request. Please note that all images can only be used under the following terms and conditions:
- That the reproductions are accompanied by the name of Tashkeel, photo credit and (if applicable) the name of the artist, the title and date of work.
- That the reproductions are not cropped, overprinted, tinted or subject to any form of derogatory treatment without the prior approval of Tashkeel.
- That the images are only reproduced to illustrate an article or feature reviewing or reporting on Tashkeel
- That any reproductions that accompany an article are not used for marketing or advertising purposes

Press Access
Journalists who wish to cover an exhibition, facility, programme or announcement by Tashkeel are requested to contact Tashkeel at least five working days in advance of a visit.

Filming & Photography
All photoshoots and location filming at Tashkeel locations must be pre-authorised and scheduled with Tashkeel.