Tashkeel, in Collaboration with Dubai Future Foundation, Presents "Hybrids of Creativity" at the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI 2023

Tashkeel, one of the UAE’s key art and design incubators, has collaborated with the Dubai Future Foundation to curate a commissioned exhibition, "Hybrids of Creativity", featuring 54 artworks created by primarily UAE national artists using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Coinciding with the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI event from October 11 to 14, the works are displayed in the tunnel which links Emirates Towers to the Museum of the Future, highlighting the synergy of human creativity and machine capabilities, and delivering unique insight into the world of AI-generated art.

Artists and AI enthusiasts alike will find inspiration in the diverse range of artworks, many of which draw on UAE and Arab culture and geography for inspiration. The 13 participating professional artists used specialist AI software to refine an existing artwork, descriptive writing or image (such as a photograph, sketch or render) in developing the final piece.

Key Emirati artists featured in the exhibition include Khalid Alastad, Abdalla Al Mulla, Mousa Al Raeesi, Hamad Al Shamsi, the Damithan Twins, Ghanim Mubarak, and Tashkeel founder Sheikha Lateefa bint Maktoum, alongside Huda Al Aithan, Javad Bin Kuthub, Jyo John, and Moammer Jaber. Each artist shares a fresh perspective on the remarkable fusion of tradition and innovation, where AI becomes a canvas for their heritage.

Hybrids of Creativity seeks to convey not only the outcome but also the process behind the conception of contemporary art using AI technology. The techniques and tools of this ever-expanding field allows visual art practitioners to accelerate their creative journey, integrate new layers into their practice and venture in previously unexplored avenues of experimentation,” says Lisa Ball-Lechgar, Deputy Director, Tashkeel.

The participating artists hailed AI as a key enabler to expand their creative practice.

Saudi 3D designer and educator Huda Al Aithan said "Collaborating with AI in creating the artworks was a fascinating process. The synergy between human creativity and machine capabilities leads to unprecedented forms of expression. It gives the creator an opportunity to blend elements together in a way that doesn't make sense, and yet at its essence, art is about making sense out of things that don't make sense.”

"As an Emirati artist, I infuse my UAE heritage into a futuristic AI-driven canvas. AI enhances my artistic vision, harmonizing tradition with innovation. It paints a promising future where culture and technology meld seamlessly, guiding my creative journey towards new and inspiring horizons,” Emirati artist and photographer Khalid Alastad added.

Al Ain native Hamad Al Shamsi said "Engaging in this exhibition offers me a platform to explore and expand my artistic horizons. I thrive on challenges, viewing them as catalysts for growth. AI art, easily accessible and an endless well of inspiration, fuels my creativity. Conversations with friends or colleagues often spark ideas; I transform these into AI art through thoughtful prompts, embarking on a journey of artistic expression.”

"In this series of artwork, we used AI to complete an existing painting. It is a tool that helped us reimagine the outcome with endless compositions. We see AI as a new medium that could change art practice in the future,” said the graphic designers and artists Damithan Twins.

"Hybrids of Creativity” is on display until the 14th of October, and each of the 54 works is available for sale exclusively through Tashkeel.