Marta Krivosheek and Zayad Motlib

The space where we live can be mon- itored in many ways and it appears, even more, to be in a state of flux - a gradient of data in continuous evolution and change. Our understanding of the surrounding environment is improving everyday due to our ability to scan and sample the environment around us at increasing resolution using better technologies and sensors. Hence the space is revealed, beyond its physical boundaries, as an ever-changing data field. Dubai Airport is evolving as a central aviation hub for the Middle East. The number of flights is continuously increasing as we approach Expo 2020 as passengers and airplanes

are connecting more people to more destinations. Inspired by the self- organizing principle of Stigmergy1 as observed in social insects and human behavior, Aviated Stigmergy is a data- processing system designed to use public aviation data to simulate passengers and flights movements to different destinations. Throughout the integration of computer open-source software, an agents–based system was generate to simulate passenger density, and configured to allow agents to moveand interact based on the Stigmergy principle to connect Dubai with the different destinations around the world.

Based on the data-input at a particular time in the year, the system used to create this work generates different iterations as 3D forms representing flights and passengers movement. Buckminster Fuller Projection Map “Dymaxion Map” was used as the world environment, as it provides the only flat map of the entire surface of the Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean. Similarly, the final output of the simulation is presented as a 3D printed sculpture made with semi-transparent material representing flights and passengers movements. (concept statement for Connectivity).


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