Katerina Smoldyreva

Katerina is a Russian artist who shares her time between Azerbaijan and UAE. A graduate of Bashkir State University, and having an intense interest in art and history, she developed interest in sculpture and clay very early in her career.

Having a particular curiosity about human form, Katerina puts the human condition at the forefront of everything she creates, believing that humanity changes every moment but it also retains mankind’s truest values through the centuries.

Katerina’s work is conceptual, and also very perceptible and physical. Her approach to the material is very direct, gestural, momentary, and yet calculated and precise.

Before moving to Baku, Azerbaijan, Katerina has been living and working in New Zealand for a number of years, following her 9 years career as a ceramic sculpture tutor at the Dubai International Art Centre, where she was also the Cultural Director and the Head of the Ceramic Arts department.

Katerina has participated in numerous individual and group shows around the UAE and New Zealand, her works are in a host of private collections located throughout the world.


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