Karmele Salaberria

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2008 Projector 08/videoart Week, Espacio Menosuno Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2006 Me gustas mucho:: Iconos, idolos y fetiches, Reciclarte Gallery, Pamplona, Spain

2006 Menos1 art channel prize, Public art conferences Scarpia06, Cordoba, Spain

2006 Espacio Menosuno Gallery, La Noche en Blanco (The White Night), Madrid, Spain

2005 Graphic art prize for young artist, Casa de la Monedz Museum, Madrid Spain

2005 Estamos expuestos/ Begigai gaude, Arteleku, Donostia, Spain

2005 Latina young artist prize, Sala Latinarte, Madrid, Spain

2002 Sombras, ENPEG La Esmeralda, National Center of the Arts, Mexico City, Mexico Generacion 2001, Prizes and scholarship awarded by Caja Madrid, Spain

1999 Confemetal Foundation National prize, City Museum, Madrid, Spain


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