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Karee S Dahl’s career is diverse. She has an extensive practice as an artist and arts profiler in Australia, Southeast Asia and currently in the United Arab Emirates. She studied in the Northern Territory majoring in Arts [Fine Arts – Drawing], and completed a Postgraduate and a Masters degree in Business [Arts and Cultural Management] at the University of South Australia, with a major in both the practice and the management of art, allowing for a more balanced and fulfilling application of art practice across areas of culture, economy and the social – the ‘human condition’.

“In my work, I am interested in the process and material relationships, between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation practice in the context of textiles,” what Dahl explains or refers to as, “an obsessive manipulation of cotton polyester or silk thread – working a continuous drawn out/pulled line of fibre.” Her present works, ranges in a variety of sizes, colors, pattern, working both aspects of two and three dimensionality, maintaining a fragility in surface mark making, yet a resilience in form & structure, favoring a direct viewing encounter with the work, in order to appreciate the material and construction process more fully – qualities that photographic documentation do not really make clear” she observes.


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