Colin G. Reaney

Home Country:

2009 Transitions, VCU Gallery, Doha, Qatar

2007/2009 Curated Postcard Artwork Exhibition, International Traveling Exhibition, Australia, Palestine, UAE

2008 In Situ, The Jam Jar, Dubai, UAE

2008 The Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition,Hobart City Gallery, T Australia

2005 Situation: collections, collectives, & artist networks from Sydney Singapore Berlin, Collaboration with Juliana Yasin, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney, Australia

2004 New Expression of Asian Art, Asia Biennale Event, Tainan Cultural Gallery Center, Taiwan

2002 bigsmallisland... house, home homeland, Group exhibition, Federation Celebration Exhibition, Australian High Commission, Singapore

2002 Gwangju Biennale, PKW Flag project representing Singapore, Gwangju, Korea


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