Arya Hawker


The body of my work focuses on that which I feel is most prominent and inspirational in my life at the moment: feelings; emotion; expression. My art, my music, and my words are all born from my emotion. Each of my pieces reflects the emotions which drove my hand to paint them and my mind to conceive them; they are, in themselves, my expression: a collaborative effort between my ideas, my feelings, and my skills as an artist.

Suitably, I have adopted a somewhat expressionist style. My self-portraits are distorted by my mind’s eye and by the music-inspired physical movements incorporated into the art. The pieces were made to inspire and provoke creative thought. Just know that there’s more than meets the eye; the colors, the lines, the piece in its entirety- they all represent something. And the best thing is, no interpretation is wrong. Everyone feels. Everyone feels differently. (Artist Statement, 2009)


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