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Emergent designers resident in the Middle East are asked to submit designs for functional products that embody the theme of Growth.

We are all on our personal journey of Growth, nurtured and shaped by education, experience and environment. The notion of growth is an inevitable aspect of our lives, both the physical growth we experience and which we observe through the natural world by which we are surrounded and the conscious growth which is the result of intellectual and/or spiritual enrichment. Attitudes to education and aspiration to grow.

Physical growth can be demonstrated over thousands of years as natural forms adapt to their surroundings, making physical structures more efficient. Whilst intellectual growth is constructed on both personal experience and the wisdom acquired from our ancestors, building on the knowledge of material, techniques and production evolved by previous generations. Designers exploit and manipulate this knowledge as they seek to develop new solutions that reflect the aesthetics of their culture, expressing their attitudes towards education and aspirations to grow, whilst serving the practical needs of the contemporary society.

Bearing in mind the transient nature 21st century lifestyle/communities, designers are asked to submit designs for products that reflect growth, either their personal/professional growth or that of their immediate community

Submitted proposals should take the form of contemporary functional products, including furniture, products or lighting. Please note that submissions in the form of designs for jewellery and/or watches will not be considered.

The call is only open to previously unrealised projects. Products can be proposed in any materials of the designer’s choosing but it must be possible for the proposal to be realised within the budget and the timescale of the prize. Applicants should submit suitable digital files (photographs of maquettes, renderings and/or sketches) of the proposed work together with any explanatory notes and clear indication of materials to be used.

Designed to support and nurture emerging talent across the Middle East, the winner of the prize will receive a budget of AED 20,000 to produce the work. Three runners-up will each receive a budget of AED 10,000 realise mock-ups of their designs to exhibit at D3, November 2017. The final piece will be unveiled in October in Dubai 2017. The winner will also be awarded with a week-long trip to Paris in order to attend courses led by Mains d’Or, master craftsmen in high jewellery creation, at the exclusive L’ECOLE Van Cleef & Arpels.

For more information, please download the application form on the right.

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