Kristine Rapohina

Kristine, a Latvian artist, discovered her passion for art during childhood, finding solace in activities like drawing and painting. Despite pursuing a different career, her love for art remained. After starting her family, she reconnected with her passion and began exploring oil painting and watercolors.

Inspired by a trip to Europe in 2016, Kristine delved into botanical watercolor painting, eventually earning a Distinction from the Society of Botanical Artists (SBA) London Diploma course. Now a full-time artist based in Sigulda, Latvia, Kristine shares her love for art through teaching and her "Enjoy the Process" movement, advocating for the therapeutic benefits of creativity.

Her dedication to spreading joy through art led her to launch her own line of art materials and create resources like the Watercolor Mixing Notebook. Kristine's journey exemplifies the transformative power of art, and she looks forward to inspiring others on their creative paths.


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الغاليري، المستودع رقم 58، السركال أفنيو

الأحد – الخميس 10 صباحاً – 7 مساءً، الجمعة 9 صباحاً – 12 ظهراً

(مغلق أيام السبت والعطلات الرسمية).

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المستودع رقم 89، السركال أفنيو

السبت – الخميس 10 صباحاً – 7 مساءً

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شارع 20/5، ند الشبا 1

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