Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson Sustainable Design Artist and Founder | is an emerging design studio inspired by nature with a passion for the environment. Addressing sustainability through art works with social impact, speaking events & workshops along with functional product design and production.

The ethos is to develop designs with a cultural and emotional connection. Encompassing eco, green, ethical and sustainable practices.

Christine Wilson was born in 1985 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and educated in Edinburgh. Inspired by alternative lifestyles from that of consumerism Christine Wilson traveled the length and breadth of Europe volunteering with workaway projects and learning techniques of making, upcycling and permaculture.

Christine Wilson’s work reflects her passion for sustainability with a true sense of place. From large scale interactive art installations to upcycled functional and collectable editions, every piece utilises would-be-waste material; adding value and aesthetic while diverting it from landfill.

With collaborations, designs and creations realised in an ever-widening range of materials, including reclaimed leather, wood, car airbags, lifejackets and e-waste. Her achievements have been recognised by the Women's Leadership Summit with the Award for Innovation & Creativity along with Gulf Sustainability Awards Gold, Professional of the Year 2021/22.


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