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14 October 2019

Traditional Jewellery: Goldsmithing for Beginners

Lia Staehlin

In this course, expert jeweler Lia Staehlin will teach participants how to make a bangle using silver or brass with traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as reticulation and granulation, in combin...

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22 October 2019

Traditional Jewellery: Wax Molding

Lia Staehlin

Led by expert jeweller, Lia Staehlin, this workshop focuses on the skills required to design and produce a jewellery set drawing on the facilities of wax moulding in silver and gold, a method commonly...

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26 October 2019

Screenprinting: Logo Mashups

Khalid Mezaina

Join the screen-printing workshop ‘Logo Mashups’, a cheeky response to the over-saturation of current trends in fashion of turning affordable and accessible fashion into luxury. In the tradition of de...

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2 November 2019

Khatt Foundation: Arabic Typeface Design for Beginners

Dr. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert, Khatt Foundation

Join Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFarès, Naïma Ben Ayed, Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert to learn the basics of Arabic letterforms and Glyphs authoring software. Draw a basic Arabic character then develop and g...

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2 November 2019

Introduction to Product Photography

John Marsland

Join John Marsland for a practical workshop for photographers looking for efficient, inexpensive ways to take professional quality product photos. The workshop will cover the basics of affordable set-...

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3 November 2019

Ecopoxy Resin Workshop

Nada Saad

Work with ecopoxy resin to create your own unique artwork. In this workshop, participants will learn the techniques and processes used to work safely with resin. Each participant will work under the g...

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5 November 2019

Traditional Jewellery: Introduction to Repousse

Lia Staehlin

Repousser and Chasing are ancient techniques to shape silver, copper or gold sheets into 3 dimensional shapes. The sheet metal is set into pitch, with a degree of elasticity to allow the metal to move...

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9 November 2019

Introduction to Palestinian Embroidery (Tatreez)

Joanna Barakat

Palestinian embroidery, or tatreez, holds so much meaning to Palestinians: visually, culturally, and politically. This workshop will begin with a discussion about the history of Palestinian embroidery...

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15 November 2019

Khatt Foundation: Arabic Lettering

Khatt Foundation, Dr. Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

(2 sessions) Discover the expressive possibilities of lettering using the Arabic script with Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFarès. Create a word, exploring letterforms that can later be extended to a typeface d...

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20 November 2019

Screenprinted Accordion Books

Sarah Burt

A group collaborative workshop exploring 2-colour screen-printed artist books.

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23 November 2019

Youth Hub: Drop in + Draw

Azim Al Ghussein

Drop in for a casual live-drawing session with illustrator and graphic designer Azim Al Ghussein. Learn basic tricks of the trade while viewing his drawing process on screen. Participants must bring a...

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23 November 2019

Introduction to Darkroom Printing

Michael Glenister

In this workshop, you will learn to: - prepare the chemistry- make contact prints - showing a positive version of the negative strip- make a test strip to determine exposure- make a print- change i...

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