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8 December 2018

Moku Hanga (The Art of Japanese Woodblock Printmaking)

Andrew Parry

Come and explore Moku Hanga, the oldest form of printmaking! Experience its continuing creative importance and the distinctive aesthetics that the art of Japanese Woodblock Printing offers.This 2 day ...

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15 December 2018

Introduction to Digital Photography

John Marsland

This workshop is intended for people who love photography but want to get out of the Auto setting and be more in control of their image making.During this workshop, John Marsland will support particip...

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12 January 2019

Fundamentals of Painting

Fatima J Atallah

This workshop will cover the 4 fundamental features of image-making: drawing, values, edges and colours.

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16 January 2019

All About Paper Printing

Vera Cannone

Led by Vera Cannone (aka Bera) the master printmaker and founder of Le Raclet Screenprint (Berlin), this three-day course offers an overview of all the styles and effects that can be reproduced with s...

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2 February 2019

Realistic Drawing for Beginners

Osama Khalaf

Build up your knowledge about realistic drawing concepts with Osama Khalaf. Explore outlining, shading, and how to create volume.

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9 February 2019

Intro. to the Darkroom

Mona Ayyash

This is a two–part introductory workshop in the black and white darkroom. It is designed especially for beginners to acquaint themselves with analogue film processing and photo printing. At the end of...

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