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19 June 2022

Strengthen Your Drawing Skills

James Razko

Gain confidence in your drawing skills in this three-day course with artist James Razko, who will share his expertise on how to draw more realistically. Participants will explore a range of drawing te...

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7 July 2022

Realistic Portrait: Oil Painting on Paper

James Razko

This twelve-hour intensive workshop will guide beginner to advanced participants through the step-by-step process of creating a realistic portrait painting on paper using charcoal, shellac, and ultima...

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18 July 2022

Summer Camp 2022 (8 - 11 years): Portraits of Nature

Alonsa Guevara

This workshop invites young participants of all artistic levels to participate in a fun class where they will learn the basics of acrylic paint to create a realistic portrait of a natural object.

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24 July 2022

Drop-in: Self-Portrait Using Mirror: Facial Proportions, Shading and Volume

James Razko

Drop in and join instructor James Razko on a 3-hour drawing workshop! An integral part of realistic drawing is the art of observation.Participants will learn how to draw realistically by first learnin...

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28 July 2022

Trompe L’œil: Tricking the Eye with Realistic Painting Techniques

James Razko

Trompe l’oeil is an art technique that convincingly tricks the viewer's eye into believing they are seeing a painted object in a three-dimensional space. Learning this technique will help students to ...

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11 August 2022

Figure Drawing: Realistic Pencil Techniques

James Razko

Students will explore both the envelope method and an intuitive form of drawing to hone their drawing skills through the dynamic practice of figure drawing.

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