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20 July 2022

Train the Trainer: Discovery Through Dramatic Techniques

Hoda Parvas

How do you become a more compelling and engaging educator? This workshop will introduce participants to inquiry-based learning with the aim of giving them the tools to make their teaching experiences ...

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26 July 2022

Reinterpreting the Monument

Khalid Mezaina

Image credit: Warehouse421 How can you use multiples in printmaking to create representations in new, meaningful ways? This workshop will explore image-making and multiples in printmaking in response...

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Reinterpreting the Monument

31 July 2022

Reviving the Animated Arts

Joumana Ismail

How do you learn to animate without a software? This six-week course is a deep dive into the world of animation, exploring the essence of the medium to give creative practitioners the tools to incorpo...

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Reviving the Animated Arts 3

16 August 2022

Get Me into a Gallery

Sonia Brewin

Learn to navigate the whys and how’s of sharing our work in this lively and critical workshop with Sonia Brewin. In today’s art work, artists have a wide range of options to show their work. Ideal f...

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Get me into a gallery

25 August 2022

Laser Cutting

Ali Mohammed Zulfikar Tinwala

Learn about the precise and versatile machines known as laser cutters, used for cutting or engraving materials including plastics, glass, metal, wood, leather or even food. Laser cutting is a process ...

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