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22 February 2020

Photo Walk: Industrial Dubai

Jalal Bin Thaneya

Join Jalal Bin Thaneya in this photo walk through the industrial warehouses of Dubai. Participants get the chance to explore busy commercial and storage areas where textures and patterns are abundant....

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8 February 2020

Experimental Cyanotypes

Silvia Hernando Alvarez

Cyanotype is a photographic process that utilises sunlight in the creation of a blue-toned photograph or photogram. It was traditionally used as a low-cost way to reproduce building plans, which is wh...

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12 November 2019

Youth Hub Talk: Photography in the Arab World - The Story of Tribe

Mubarik Jafery

Co-founder of Tribe Magazine Mubarik Jafery discusses the magazine, its place and purpose in the region in an informative and reflective session. Tribe Magazine focuses on photography and new media in...

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19 October 2019

Photo Walk: Al Hamra Village

John Marsland

Who doesn't enjoy a photo walk in a (supposed) haunted village? Join John Marsland in this photo walk in Ras Al Khaimah's Al Hamra Village. Participants get the chance to explore the abandoned town fr...

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