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16 December 2021

Winter Camp 2021: The Entire Landsape of You (8 - 11 years)

Bayan Dahdah

Plan, draw and animate! Learn simple animation skills while using your personal emotions, thoughts and aspirations as inspiration to create a 20-30 second animation. Using Animation Kit or Animation D...

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14 December 2021

Winter Camp 2021: Barjeel House (8 - 11 years)

Eman Al Madani

Make and personalise your own Barjeel house! Doodle and explore drawn textures while learning about the Barjeel, the traditional architectural structure that was used to ventilate Emirati houses. Pers...

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13 December 2021

Winter Camp 2021: From Trash to Treasure (8 - 11 years)

Hernán Torres

How do we turn plastic trash into plastic treasure? Plastic is a universal problem - a substance that is turning out to be extremely difficult to regulate or dispose of. Learn all about the different ...

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12 December 2021

Winter Camp 2021: The Magic of Pigments (8 - 11 years)

Chafa Ghaddar

How do we turn pigments into paint? Learn all about the colourful world of pigments and their relation to earth, stones, plants and food, with an introduction to the history of pigment trade and chemi...

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16 December 2021

Winter Camp 2021: Full Week (8 - 11 years)

Tashkeel Winter Camp brings new art and design workshops for 8 - 16 year olds for 5 days! Each workshop is designed to give the participants the freedom to express themselves and enjoy a new creative ...

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