There are no workspaces currently available.

Tashkeel studio facilities include: a photography studio and dark room, printmaking, textiles printing, a design studio with a full digital/Mac suite and high-grade printing facilities as well as a jewellery making and 3D workshop, complete with a laser-cutter, heat press and a risograph duplicator. Members also have access to communal areas, including the library, kitchen and members' lounge.

Successful applicants will be required to demonstrate a commitment to spending a minimum of 20 hours per week at Tashkeel; pursuing an active and critically engaged practice; and a willingness to contribute to the Tashkeel community by regularly attending events and using the specialist facilities available. Workspace usage may be reviewed quarterly, providing an opportunity for gauging ongoing commitment and production. One month’s notice is required prior to giving up occupancy.

For information on the benefits of Tashkeel membership, click here.