The darkroom is not only used for Tashkeel workshops but is also available for private use.

The black and white darkroom contains all of the facilities necessary to meet the needs of practicing analogue photographers. It enables members to process film, to develop, enlarge and experiment with traditional black and white printing techniques. Chemistry and equipment are included in each visit. Various sizes of photographic papers are available for purchase.

Tashkeel members with darkroom experience enjoy free access to the darkroom. Those who wish to learn are encouraged to register on an upcoming workshop.

Non-members with darkroom experience may purchase a 15-visit bundle with a six-month validity at AED1,000+VAT. Please call/email Tashkeel.

In order for Tashkeel to confirm any booking, users must demonstrate an understanding of darkroom processes and procedures and are required to read the Darkroom Procedures PDF and complete a Booking Form (sending it to [email protected]). Any breakages will be charged to the user.