Rules & Regulations


Tashkeel reserves the right to accept or refuse membership application.

The facilities may only be used by members of Tashkeel.

Use of facilities and equipment is entirely at the members' own risk.

Members must be prepared to present ID cards when entering the premises.

Tashkeel studios are only available for use during the stated hours of opening.

Members must respect the working environment of other members at all times.

Dress should be in accordance with the cultural traditions and sensitivities of the UAE.

Except in the event of an emergency, members may not use Tashkeel telephones to make or receive calls.

Members may only organize workshops or meetings with the prior approval of Tashkeel administration.

Parking must be within the designated areas; the front entrance is for drop-off and collection purposes only and cars must not be parked here at any time.

Prohibited Behavior

Conduct should be in accordance with the culture and religion of the UAE at all times.

Members must not access inappropriate Internet sites.

Members must not possess, use or sell illegal substances or materials on the premises.

No smoking inside the Tashkeel building.

Members must not use or remove the property of other members without prior permission.

Use of Equipment

Tashkeel studio equipment may only be taken off the premises with prior authorization, and after completion of the correct sign out procedure.

Members are responsible for any Tashkeel studio equipment taken off the premises; equipment lost, stolen or damaged whilst on loan must be repaired or replaced at the member's expense.

Equipment damaged as the result of carelessness or misuse by a member must be repaired or replaced at their expense.

Software & illegal music/video must not be downloaded onto studio computers.