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22 September 2018

Telling Tales: Tunnel Vision

Debjani Bhardwaj

Tunnel books are a series of pages that are held together by folded strips of paper, giving the illusion of depth and perspective. Telling Tales artist Debjani Bhardwaj will teach the art of papers cu...

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Tunnel Vision 2

23 September 2018

Telling Tales: Tinderbox

Debjani Bhardwaj

Using the art of silhouette, paper cuts and handmade books, work with Telling Tales artist Debjani Bhardwaj to build your very own Tinderbox story that you can take home and share with loved ones. Su...

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Tinderbox 400X300

26 September 2018

Telling Tales: Shadow Play

Debjani Bhardwaj

Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling, which uses cut-out figures that are held between a light source and a translucent screen. Working in small groups, join ‘Telling Tales’ artist Debjani B...

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Shadow Play 400X300

29 September 2018

Telling Tales: Garden Sails

Debjani Bhardwaj

What does it mean to be in a place, to look through and into something, to remove the frame from a picture? ‘Telling Tales’ artist Debjani Bhardwaj guides you in constructing drawings that act as a re...

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Garden Sails

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