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1 March 2018

Drop in and Draw

Sarah Alfarhan

Drop in & Draw is an on-going monthly session for artists, designers, and creatives wanting to share their sketchbook pages with each other and to create a supportive community committed to drawing as...

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Alfarhan Dd March

11 March 2018

Language of Flowers - A Botanical Workshop

Jennifer Ipekel

During this workshop, participants will be asked to think about time, exploring the secret language of nature in an animalistic perspective.

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J Ipekel 3

1 April 2018

Spring Camp 2018 (Week 2)

Tamsin Wildy, Salim Ahmed, Natalia Lasso, Ibraheem Khamayseh, Arsany Emil

Tashkeel’s annual Spring Camp 2018 will be offering even more challenging and creative workshops for young people this year. From Painting to 3D sculptures, young people will learn new skills; meet ne...

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Spring Camp 01

1 April 2018

Spring Camp 2018: Monochrome Painting (Week 2)

Tamsin Wildy

What happens when you strip colour away. Imagine if we could only see one colour at a time and everything worked in tones? In this workshop, participants will make a painting using just one colour. Li...

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Img 3784

3 April 2018

Spring Camp 2018: Introduction to Geometric Patterns (Week 2)

Arsany Emil

This introductory workshop will cover the practice of Geometrical patterns in traditional and ancestral technique. By using rulers and compasses only, participants will learn how to create intricate a...

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