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15 November 2017

Type Bazaar - Weltformat DXB

Erich Brechbühl and Noël Leu

Through teaching the fundamentals and basics of typography and lettering the group will design the lettering of a fictional shopfront by hand.

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Grilli Type 1

27 September 2017

Critical Dialogues

Kevin Jones

The aim of the programme is to provide artists, writers and curators with sustained support and dialogue in an environment that encourages experimentation and cross-discipline exchange.

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16 November 2017

Stop! Collaborate - Weltformat DXB

Mayar El Hayawan

The goal is to embed collaboration, verbal and visual exchange as sketching methods among young graphic designers, allowing them to further their communication and pitching skills as well as experimen...

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16 November 2017

Rediscovering Manuscripts - Weltformat DXB

Engy Aly

This workshop aims at investigating the visual elements in medieval manuscripts that historically produced emotions of wonder and awe.

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16 November 2017

Riso Gig Posters - Weltformat DXB

Sarah Alfarhan

In this introductory workshop to the Risograph printer, participants will create gig posters inspired by a selected number of musicians.

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Riso For Mailer

17 November 2017

Contemporary Tapestry

Fay McCaul

This workshop will enable participants to experiment with traditional textile processes, in particular foil and sublimation printing, which will be used in the creation of a geometric wall hanging.

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18 November 2017

Arabic Type Design for Beginners 2017

Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

The workshop will consist of historical presentations and practical exercises on Arabic lettering and typeface design. It will introduce the participants to the basics of the Glyphs font authoring sof...

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28 October 2017

Enamelling Jewellery with Colour

Lia Staehlin

This course covers the application of colour on jewellery.

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18 November 2017

Advanced Arabic Type Design 2017

Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

This workshop concentrates on advanced instruction for designers and is designed for those who have already taken previous Khatt Foundation Type Design workshops at Tashkeel, or designers that have ex...

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20 November 2017

Professional Practice: The Other Side of Art

Waqas Farid

The sessions will cover the basics from the best ways to photograph work, considerations of displaying in a gallery as well as looking at commissioning agreements and intellectual property.

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24 November 2017

Paper Garments

Engy Mahdy

Explore the world of fashion by creating paper garments using basic patterns for shorts, shirts, and skirts.

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25 November 2017

Phone Cyanotype Printing: 2 - 2.30 PM

Christopher Osborne

A chance to use your most up to date camera with one of the world’s oldest print making techniques.

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