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19 July 2017

Summer Camp 2017: Tie Dye (Week 2)

Erum Fatimah

Experiment with dyeing fabric through using multi coloured dyeing techniques. Using a variety of colours and tying techniques, participants will explore the world of Tie-dye and explore how fabric dye...

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Tie Dyeing

20 July 2017

Summer Camp 2017: Paper Garments (Week 2)

Engy Mahdy

Participants will explore the world of fashion by creating paper garments using basic patterns for shorts, shirts, and skirts.

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Engy 1

31 July 2017

Made in Tashkeel: Introduction to Laser Cutting Garments

Kay Li

An introductory workshop of laser cutting on fabric.

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1 U2 C8051

5 August 2017

Photo Editing

Tor Seidel

This is an introduction into the basics, fundamentals and key elements of digital editing, scanning and post-production.

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Joao Silas 65013 Web

12 August 2017

Made in Tashkeel: Life Drawing - Portraits

Natalia Lasso

This workshop will be focusing on the fundamentals of drawing such as gesture, structure and contour. Participants will draw portraits of the model who will change their position to practice how to ...

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16 September 2017

Textile Principles: Felt

Mandeep Mann

This workshop will be focusing on the technique of Felting.

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Textile Principles Felt

18 November 2017

Advanced Arabic Type Design 2017

Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

This workshop concentrates on advanced instruction for designers and is designed for those who have already taken previous Khatt Foundation Type Design workshops at Tashkeel, or designers that have ex...

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Khtt Advanced Workshop2017

18 November 2017

Arabic Type Design for Beginners 2017

Khajag Apelian, Georg Seifert, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

The workshop will consist of historical presentations and practical exercises on Arabic lettering and typeface design. It will introduce the participants to the basics of the Glyphs font authoring sof...

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Khtt Beginner Workshop2017

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