Education Programme

The Tashkeel education program aims to bring artists, designers and new experiences to schools and students across the UAE. These vary from artist led workshops, to group projects and exhibition tours. Tashkeel has a number of specialised facilities and welcome educational institutions to use these spaces in order to develop students skills. Workshops and projects can vary between the formal and more experimental and we are eager to encourage creativity and discussion. Tashkeel works alongside teachers and artists to build a programme that encourages creativity, exploration and discussion. These can be held either at Tashkeel or where possible, taken into schools depending on the workshop being delivered.

Previous projects have included collaborations with Tashkeel artists Amartey Golding, Ruben Sanchez, eL Seed, Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver.

Programs, workshops and projects can be arranged upon request with Tashkeel.