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12 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Mono Printing (Week 1)

Discover the joy of mono printing with Kim Robertson. Experiment with a variety of techniques at the Tashkeel printing press. Use stencils, layering and a variety of media to make unique prints. The r...

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Mono Printing 4 1500X844

15 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Week 2

This summer, Tashkeel is on another mission to deliver the most exciting and inventive set of workshops that will encourage young artists to new levels of creating and making.Following the successful ...

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Summer Camp Second Week 03

15 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Pin-hole Photography (Week 2)

Learn how an analogue camera works with Tamsin Wildy. Build your own pinhole camera from start to finish. Once you’ve taken photos, delve into the Tashkeel dark room to develop your shots.

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Img 5381

16 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Paper Garments (Week 2)

Explore the world of fashion with Engy Mahdy and find your style. Get inspiration from the world around us. Find great themes and transform paper into cool and crazy shorts, shirts and skirts.

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Engy 1

17 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Silver Casting with Cuttlefish (Week 2)

Join acclaimed Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi to design and cast jewellery and small sculptures in silver using the ancient technique of cuttlefish bone moulds.

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Wf 06646

18 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: One-sheet comics (Week 2)

How do people make comics? Join Azim Al Ghussein to explore different ways to create, tell and share your own stories through the magical world of comic art.

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One Sheet Comic

19 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Cut-out Animation (Week 2)

Join Azim Al Ghussein to transform characters from still to moving by turning them into puppets for animation that you can capture on your smart or android phones

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Puppet Animation Edited

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