12 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Mono Printing (Week 1)

Discover the joy of mono printing with Kim Robertson. Experiment with a variety of techniques at the Tashkeel printing press. Use stencils, layering and a variety of media to make unique prints. The r...

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Mono Printing 4 1500X844

11 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Sign Painting (Week 1)

Develop lettering that shows off your personality using pen, ink and paint guided by John Marsland. Find inspiration from graffiti and other ways of making expressive letters as you explore and create...

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10 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Paper Making (Week 1)

Discover the ancient art of paper making with Elham Shafaei. Learn how to reuse, reinvent and recycle scraps into beautiful handmade paper.Master the basic techniques of pulp production, forming, couc...

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9 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Painting (Week 1)

Develop your love for painting with Natalie Lasso. Using acrylic paints and canvases, learn how to mix colours, build a composition and create artworks that you can take home and display.

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Img 2777

8 July 2018

Summer Camp 2018: Screen-Printing T-shirts (Week 1)

Discover the basics of screen-printing with Kim Robertson to make wearable art. Create individual artworks that can then be printed on T-shirts and tote bags. You can even bring your own T-shirts and ...

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7 July 2018

Youth x Hub: Introduction to Painting

Join classically trained artist and Tashkeel member Fatima Atallah on a journey into the basics of painting. Discover four of the seven principles that are the essential building blocks of painting –­...

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Img 8220

5 July 2018

Drop in & Draw - Travel Journaling

Drop in & Draw is an on-going monthly session for artists, designers, and creatives wanting to share their sketchbook pages with each other and to create a supportive community committed to drawing as...

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Img 5074

30 June 2018

Youth x Hub: Portrait Life Drawing

Join this dynamic session to discover how to plan your drawing quickly and expressively using a life model. Learn how to master composition, proportion and volume to create portraits that reflect the ...

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May2018 Portrait Life Drawing Natalia Lasso

13 May 2018

Youth x Hub: Arabic Calligraphy

In this workshop participants will learn the basics of the craft of Arabic calligraphy, including how to make the fluid forms which are a feature of this art using the tools provided.

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Img 8859

12 May 2018

Making Cards on the Risograph

Build up your personalised stationery collection in this beginner's workshop to the Risograph printer, where you will learn the basics of printing 2 colours and creating an edition of your very own se...

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Salfarhan Riso Cards1

5 May 2018

Introduction to Studio-based Photography

Studio photography gives the photographer a highly controlled environment in which to make images. It is often used for product photography and for portraiture for exactly this reason. This worksho...

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3 May 2018

Introduction to Laser Cutting Your Garment

An introductory workshop of laser cutting on fabric. Participants will have an overview on how to create simple graphics on illustrator and experiment which type of graphics work best with laser cutti...

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