25 February 2017

Experimental Arabic Type Design

The Khatt Foundation Experimental Arabic Type Design Workshop will consist of an intensive 4-day workshop that focuses on the experimental potential of Arabic typeface design and will pave the ground ...

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Fireifij Khatt 2

23 February 2017

New Chapter

“New Chapter” expresses the journey of the artist into motherhood, marking a transition in the use of digital photography and editing to represent varying emotional and psychological stages

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Untitled 3

22 February 2017

Print Club: Intro to Relief Printing

Come and explore the oldest form of printmaking experience its continuing creative importance and the distinctive aesthetics that this highly desirable process has to offer. This workshop will provide...

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Relief Workshop

19 February 2017

Introduction to Digital Photography

Learn the basics of digital photography and some of the secrets of visual storytelling in the form of documentary photography.

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Img 4293

7 January 2017

At the Core

Building on Tashkeel's Critical Dialogues and Profession Practice Programme, At the Core provides a unique opportunity to engage with artists living and working across the UAE.

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At The Core

15 February 2017

Print Club: Intro to Dry Point

Drypoint is a form of intaglio printmaking that involves scraping and scratching marks and lines in to the surface of a plastic or metal plate, ink is applied to the marks then with the use of a print...

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Drypoint Workshop

11 February 2017

Print Club: Intro to Photo Etching

An intaglio process in which an acid-resistant, photo-sensitive coating is applied to the surface of a metal plate. An image is exposed on to the plate using an ultraviolet light, the plate is develop...

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Photoetching Workshop

4 February 2017

Methods of the Old Masters

This workshop will be focusing on the use of oil paint and considering the methods of the masters as a focal point. From the materials to use to the handling of oil paint and various techniques, each ...

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Girl With A Pearl Earring 1

29 January 2017

Print Club: Intro to Etching

This method of printmaking uses an acid to cut an image made up of lines, shapes, patterns, textures and tones in to the surface of a metal plate. You will be looking at a number of techniques within ...

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Etching Workshop

19 January 2017

Riso Cards

The workshop will involve designing the cards, printing them on the Risograph, and then trimming or folding them.

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Dsc 0253

29 December 2016

See Saw Seeds

Tashkeel are proud to present a group exhibition of works by Al Araji, Hazbar and Tsukiyama – pieces that draw on their varied experiences of Dubai and Kobe and the inspiration these cities have awake...

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Evite Picture

20 December 2016

Riso Cutouts

This is an introductory workshop to the Risograph; you will learn the basics of printing by creating dynamic compositions using cutouts and shapes. Participants will examine the basics of image makin...

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Riso Cuts 1

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