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Wissam Shawkat has been passionate about calligraphy since early age. Originally from Iraq, he now lives in Dubai, UAE and is a civil engineer by practice. Shawkat’s degree in Civil Engineering, received from Basra University in 1996, complemented his artistic pursuits and offered him the skills necessary to excel at draftsmanship and design. His unique style borrows from the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional practitioners and the vibrancy of contemporary culture.

A calligrapher and designer of logotypes with over 20 years experience, Shawkat has worked for well-known clients in branding design, advertising agencies and big corporations. In addition to the graphic applications of his calligraphic works, he has practiced calligraphy as an art form, producing fine art calligraphy pieces that are included in many private and public collections throughout the world. Shawkat has participated in many local and international competitions and exhibitions and winning several awards locally and internationally including Al Burda International Calligraphy Competition; Al-Baraka Turk Bank Calligraphy Competition; Visual & Audible Arabic calligraphy; Iraqi Calligraphy Society prize; International Calligraphy Competition (IRCICA); and Dar Al-Salam 3rd Arabic Calligraphy & Islamic Ornamentation Festival.

Wissam Shawkat’s work has appeared in many books and publications focused on the art of calligraphy and logos, as well as curating several local and international calligraphy functions and exhibitions. The diversity of his work resonates with a wide range of audiences and testifies to his belief that calligraphy knows no boundaries.

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