Noor Hamidaddin

Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Graphic Design

"Born and raised in the United States. I am a Saudi Arabian with Yemeni roots. My family ruled Northern Yemen 50 years ago. I am currently a senior student at the College of Fine Arts and Design. I am an artist that has explored painting, digital and analogue photography, time-based installation, graphic art, printmaking, sculpture, and installation art. I am now working on two major projects for my graduation, a self-discovery video documentary "My Yemen" and an installation made of wood and copper metal.

One of my future plans is to pursue my MFA in Photography, Video Production, and related media. After completing my education, I plan to produce informative video documentaries on subjects that matter to me. I am very interested in environmental issues, and continuing to build on my self-discovery video "My Yemen". (Artist statement, 2008)

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