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"The Myneandyours project revolves around the story of a cloud, and its relationship with the environment that surrounds it. It is an experiment in symbology, inspiring us to question ourselves, and what exists around us. Repetition of any symbol should provoke thought, and inspire a line of questioning. It’s not directly selling you anything, and it’s not formally part of any system - it just exists to exist, and it’s this existence that I hope inspires you to question it. To question every detail of yourself will help you understand what it is to be human, and what this really means.

The cloud delivers a message. It is your interpretation of this message that gives it life, and gives it reason to keep on flying. It is precious in its nature, and is there for you to seek comfort in it - for you to build stronger relationships through it. It is a part of us, and tries to teach us the importance of being pushed into an idea without really thinking about what it means. It’s important to empathise with your world, and everything that fills it, as it’s all Myneandyours.

And if all else fails, the cloud will be there to make you smile on your way to work." (Facebook page)

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