Majid Al Yousif

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Majid Al Yousif is a Saudi calligrapher, designer and creative professional, whose work combines calligraphy, typography and digital art.

Since his childhood, Majid Al Yousif has been drawn to various mediums from drawing to painting to model making to calligraphy. At a very young age, Majid Al Yousif focused on the art of calligraphy, guided by teachers and experts in the field.

In the beginning of his calligraphic study, Majid Al Yousif followed the traditional path set by master calligraphers, acquiring traditional skills and studying established techniques. But with time, an enthusiasm for innovation led Majid Al Yousif to begin carving his own path and setting his own trademark upon his calligraphic work.

Although he carries a deep passion for calligraphy, Majid Al Yousif continued to develop his other creative and artistic inclinations during his academic years and early career, leading him to the fields of interactive design and digital art. With a Master’s in Computer Art, with a focus on Interactive Design and Game Development, Majid Al Yousif continues to offer his creative services to internationally reputable advertising agencies, design houses and corporate clients.

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