Afshan Daneshvar

Lives and Works:
Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Jewellery Design

Afshan Daneshvar b, 1972 is a Dubai based Iranian visual artist who has worked in various fields such as fashion, jewelry design and graphic art.

As a child she grew up with a calligrapher father who was always busy with writing and creating. Persian calligraphy influenced her a lot. She started her artistic career using calligraphy in both her designs and her art.

She loves and enjoys poems. For her words are attractive and magic in two different ways. The meaning itself and the form. "The repetition of saying a word like a dhikr in Sufism has the same function of writing it till eternity. Both are meditative and you feel that you lost the meaning and the form after a while." she said.

In her recent paper works (“Nafas” series and “Boats”) there is no words anymore but the concept of repetition is there in colorlessness.

Public collection

Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai

Farjam Collection Dubai



Bokhara Gallery, Tehran 2008 – Body Prints

Etemad Gallery, Tehran, 2006 – Paraphrases

Ave Gallery, Tehran, 2004 – Sandwich Boards


Total Arts, Dubai, 2016 - Fearless

Lajevardi Foundation, Tehran, 2016 – Fearless

Showcase Gallery, Dubai, 2016 – Art in secret

Magic of Persia at the British Museum, 2009 - Bahar

University of Cambridge, 2007 – Thirty Years of Solitude

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